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As I start uploading more of the fics I've written to my LJ here, I think I'd better attempt to keep them straight for the wanderers who pass through. I am trying to keep the journal for completed works only.

In case you weren't aware this LJ is where I have all my Sherlock stuff. Mostly Sherlock BBC, though I've dabbled with Conan Doyle's pair as well.

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Typical Omegaverse Fic The Comic I Drew Which Illustrates the Average Omegaverse Fic as Seen on the Sherlock BBC Kink Meme.Life on the Sherlock BBC Kink meme teaches many things. Mpreg, Omegaverse, and all things weird.

Based on this comic which made me laugh.

Yes, can you tell it took me twelve hours of learning how to use Photoshop and my tablet at once? Especially first panel to last… Thank god for screen caps and internet pics for poses, and it’s still not right.

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No, really, I swear this will be the last post. I don`t want to spam people with this, but since the reaction was so favourable and because people seeme interested, I am putting up the crap pattern pieces and sketches.

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Of tailoring, using my eye, proportions, ratio and tailor's tacks.

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Got the easy bits of the outer shell done. The vent in the centre back could be a bit higher, but am NOT going to muck up the wool and tear out the stay-stitch triangle at the top just for the extra inch.

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In which I cut the wool. And then I decided it wasn't long enough, and cut more. Which meant I had to do the interlining by hand AGAIN, but the Coat is not the Coat if it, A. Isn't Long Enough, or B. Doesn't swirl.

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Title: The Structural Composition of Folly
Rating: Mature
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Pairing(s): John/Sherlock
Word Count: 11,000 for the entire fic
Disclaimer: Interpretation of characters is my own. Standard disclaimers apply. Emails redacted from actual ones sent by Misha Collins. Based upon a real event.
Category: Humour, Fluff, Rom/Com ending
Betas: red_adam for Brit pick, and alltoseek for wrangling and style
Also Found Here: AO3
Summary: John convinces Sherlock to join the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, the brainchild of Misha 'Castiel' Collins.
Can Sherlock's superior mental power rise to the insane challenges of the Hunt? How many rules can one consulting detective break? Is he in it to win it? And will John ever be the same after it's over?

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I look at the test coat I have wrought, and it is good. I also see a number of areas that need tweaking. But for what it is, it is not bad, and is totally wearable and not just a rubbishy costume piece. Though if my friend uses it for that, I don't give a toss, it's done.

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I am playing around with a crossover of Sherlock BBC and Anne Rice's 'Beauty' trilogy, an erotic slave world set in a fantasy medieval world. For now this is a one-shot. Though now when I think of it, a modern setting would be interesting? But too much work.

Warnings - Slave AU. I think you know the world, if you have ever read Anne Rice's Beauty trilogy. Slaves are trained by Masters, and in this case, they are acting as ponies, drawing carriages. Good slaves serve in the Castle. Willful ones go to the Village and their service is sold for a year. All slaves are princes and princesses of neighbouring kingdoms that have a treaty, and send their kids to this kingdom for their education. The slavery things isn't permanent, and some become masters, and they all go home after their term of service.
Rather good books, though when I first read them, I was all, ENOUGH with the spanking, woman, I see your kink. Now I am wiser. Older too. Fuck.
Pairings - Sherlock/John eventual.
Rating on this - amazingly, it is PG-13!!! Aside from nudity, there is no sex happening. How about that?
Word Count - 2100
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