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2012-01-08 12:36 pm

The Structural Composition of Folly - 1 - Let's Murder Sherlock!

Title: The Structural Composition of Folly
Rating: Mature
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Pairing(s): John/Sherlock
Word Count: 11,000 for the entire fic
Disclaimer: Interpretation of characters is my own. Standard disclaimers apply. Emails redacted from actual ones sent by Misha Collins. Based upon a real event.
Category: Humour, Fluff, Rom/Com ending
Betas: red_adam for Brit pick, and alltoseek for wrangling and style
Also Found Here: AO3
Summary: John convinces Sherlock to join the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, the brainchild of Misha 'Castiel' Collins.
Can Sherlock's superior mental power rise to the insane challenges of the Hunt? How many rules can one consulting detective break? Is he in it to win it? And will John ever be the same after it's over?

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2011-12-22 07:26 pm

Words Within

Notes: Based upon this prompt on the kinkmeme; I took liberties with it. "When Sherlock and John begin a relationship, John expects Sherlock to still be, well, Sherlock. Kinda standoffish, not very affectionate. So he is pretty shocked when Sherlock is the most adoring, loving partner John's ever had. When he asks Sherlock about this, Sherlock tells him that it's because he's never been with someone before, so he's got a lot of love stored up and never given, and John will have to suffer through all of it." ( )

I wasn't sure the prompt was really that cracky. It could have been. Like a dull dog, I took the serious route. Why?

Felt like writing some Mad Love For The Win. As well, I wanted to try ways in which Sherlock might express his feelings without being obviously OOC. It's a one-shot fic, though it has occurred to me that the Sherlock  POV would be an interesting balance.
 Happy holidays to you, too!

Title: Words Within
Rating: Mature
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Brief mention of child abuse. Brief episode of violence. Brief description of sex.
Pairing(s): John/Sherlock
Word Count: Just under 3,000
Disclaimer: Interpretation of characters is my own. Standard disclaimers apply.
Betas: alltoseek for wordiness wrangling and patience, red_adam for Brit pick, and Kisleth for cheering.
Also Found Here: AO3
Summary: The words don't come easily to Sherlock, John supposes. He doesn't mind. In this, Sherlock is pretty much like any other man. John just hadn't expected all the gestures. It doesn't seem very... well, very Sherlock. Anyway, John knows. He hears the word in Sherlock's every action, sees it in the spaces between.

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