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LOVED it, except for starving on the second day.. and the first... I ran out of muffins. Great costumes on people! Didn't take any pics because they do thw cosplay outside, it was freezing. (They do it outside to keep photographers from clogging the merchant area, which is already clogged with buyers.)

Me and about half a mill Japanese. It was good. Very good. Damn, these artists are GOOD.

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Doujin are fanworks, self-published in Japan. For money, but not enough for profit. Why does this happen? The people who make the originals see the value of fans sharing love and interest in their product and it is like advertising but free. Hell even some of the original authors of mangs will do an offshoot, porny or otherwise, of their own work for a mental break. Not through their publisher but on their own.

So - Western fandom is a small subset in Japan. Compared to, say, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist and home-grown stuff like that. Also, there is no predicting the love of J-fangirls. They have a huge thing for RDJ, for example.

Horatio Hornblower, too. And Richard Sharpe. Not so much Master and Commander, but when I can, I'll pick up all three types. The M and C stuff - I've only managed to find two. TWO.

One is movie based, short and silly. The other is actually book-based, and tells the story of the first book (a little) from the POV of the midshipmen.

And so, these snaps are for alltoseek, who needs fresh fandom stuff like Sherlock needs nicotine.
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Lord Blakeney has entirely the right idea about the captain. The Captain is a leetle shocked.
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Bless Jamie's lil heart, we went out for afternoon high tea at the poshest hotel (The Peninsula, I stayed there one night once, but that was adifferent adventure), and went to Shinjuku. Used up 10, 000 yen of gift vouchers at Isetan buying a new bottle of Diptyche perfume, the fig one.

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New doujin-shi, to hug to my chest. Sharpe's Rifles, RDJ Holmes, Jeremey Brett Holmes with the best anime eyes ever, the every porny Cat Cat Rorschach from Watchmen, Horatio Hornblower and the extremely difficult to find Master and Commander.
No BBC Sherlock though - damn it! Fucks sake, Japanese fangirls, I know Western fandom is never huge here, but I am sick sick sick of nothing but RDJ Holmes comics.

Except that one artist's - she draws him SO FINE. That one fucked up one with Moriarty and the cane... JESUS that was briliant, that comic.

Yes, I know BBC Sherlock is new for you, but August's airing was a while back so let's get with it! Force your blistered little fingers to those pens and DRAW ME SMUT. Or even gen rated stuff.


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