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As I start uploading more of the fics I've written to my LJ here, I think I'd better attempt to keep them straight for the wanderers who pass through. I am trying to keep the journal for completed works only.

In case you weren't aware this LJ is where I have all my Sherlock stuff. Mostly Sherlock BBC, though I've dabbled with Conan Doyle's pair as well.

Firstly, allow me to reccomend my AO3, as it is easier (in my opinion) to navigate. It has some fan art and all my works to date, INCLUDING WIPs.

JessamyGriffith on AO3

And below - Sherlock BBC fics I've written, hosted on LiveJournal. All warnings are listed in the fics themselves at the start.

5 Times Moriarty's Tentacles Were Naughty and 1 Time They Were Nice. Mature. What if Moriarty had tentacles, but they had minds of their own?

The John That Preserves, or The Jammy Devil Teen. I loathe Twilight (sorry fans) and decided to rip on it. Short and absolutely absurd.

Now, Always, Thursday Next Mature. A cross over with Jasper Fforde's Literary Detective novels. What happens when a bomb in the Great Library of Bookworld flings BBC Sherlock's John into the world of prompt fill fan fiction? Will John be able to get back to his original script? More importantly, will he want to?

The Structural Composition of Folly Vaguely Mature. John convinces Sherlock to join the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, the brainchild of Misha 'Castiel' Collins.
Can Sherlock's superior mental power rise to the insane challenges of the Hunt? How many rules can one consulting detective break? Is he in it to win it? And will John ever be the same after it's over?


Flying Blind (LJ) (On AO3)- Cabin Pressure. Martin Crieff's luck is infamous. He'd always known that. But what has he done to deserve being plonked into an arranged marriage to an immortal? Much less to some horrible, ancient, fiery monster he's not even allowed to see?

Eros is regretting the wager that netted him Martin for his spouse. After all, wooing a mortal ought to be simple for the god of love. He'd just never expected to compete with Martin's love of flying for his heart.

The Flight of John Watson. Explicit. Although Sherlock Holmes may be forced by circumstances to share his eyrie, he is determined to make best use of his new tenant. However, he has no intention of ever pair-mating. It's a pity his body has other ideas.
John Watson can't believe his luck when he meets Sherlock Holmes. But who would ever want a flightless Tiercel with PTSD who can't even manage a courtship flight?
AU Mashup of Wingfic, Omegaverse, and Mpreg.

Fledgling Mature. A sequel in the far-off future to The Flight of John Watson. (This fic was actually written first.) Sherlock and John share a moment after the birth of their child. AU Mashup of Wingfic, Omegaverse, and Mpreg. A bit of hurt/comfort, a bit of fluff, literally. An experiment in world building, at the moment.

Buthal Teen. Every story needs a good, old-fashioned villain. Every legend needs a hero. Every fairy tale has magical curses. Every good adventure story has a man fighting a monster.
But monsters, like men, come in many shapes and many sizes, and it is not always easy to tell which is which.
Contains giants.

Many Weary Months Teen, can be read as Gen. In the summer of the year 1812 at the beginning of the war between England and America, a Lieutenant S. Holmes of His Majesty's Royal Navy, banished to Upper Canada for insubordination, wrote a personal letter to his friend and companion Doctor St-J. H. Watson. He enclosed this letter in a package with several other objects intended to be sent to the Doctor via the next packet ship.
This parcel was never received by Doctor Watson, nor was its existence ever known of to scholars or historians.
Until now.

Words Within. Mature. The words never come easily to Sherlock, John supposes. John doesn't mind. In this, he thinks, Sherlock is pretty much like any typical man. John just hadn't expected all the gestures. It doesn't seem very... well, very Sherlock.

Fanart or something similar
John Watson - Respect. Mature. John Watson doesn't follow Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes has to run ahead of the beserking little fuck. WARNINGS for excessive use of the F-word. Like 17 times. I had no excuse for this, but I laughed like a loon making it.

As I upload or finish things, they'll be posted on my LJ.

WIPs (Hosted on AO3)
Westmoreland - Mature. Loosely based upon the song, "Witch of the Westmoreland." A medieval AU. Sir John, son of Watt is struck down with a curse. Only the mysterious grey-eyed Witch of the Westmoreland can heal the poisoned wound before he dies or loses his soul. But can the Witch save John from his haunted past? A story of a journey - the search for love, redemption and acceptance.

Making the Connection - Mature. It only started with phone sex. Then it became something more. Sherlock is on detox, and bored. He calls a phone sex line to test a hypothesis. He gets John. Sherlock is intrigued, and calls back several times. But the experiment isn't going quite how Sherlock predicted...
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